We work closely with stakeholders by raising awareness to understand the relationship between biodiversity conservation and livelihoods sustainability to fulfill the well-being of the people based on the scientific approach.
Trawl Fishery Project

This project was funded by Oak Foundation through Fauna & Flora International Myanmar Programme. This research delves into the dynamics of bottom trawl fishery and border trade between Myanmar and Thailand.

Locally Managed Marine Area(LMMA) Project

This project was working with the support of ARCADIA through Fauna & Flora International-Myanmar program, MSAM establish a Community-led Locally Managed Marine Area (cl-LMMA) at Shwe Thaung Yan Township.

Fish Conservation Area( Darwin Project)

This project was funded by Darwin through Fauna & Flora International Myanmar Programme. The project supports the fishery sector including tender inn along the Ayeyarwaddy River basin.

Marine Fishery Project

This project conducts marine fishery interview surveys and marine biodiversity survey along the Rakhine Coastal Region. MSAM conducts coral diving surveys in the porject. This data can availabe in Mermaid website.

Benthos survey

Benthos surveys provide baseline data for scientific research. The project managed and completed numerous benthic surveys around the coast of the Rakhine Region with experience of over 15 benthic surveys.

Coral Diving Survey

Coral Diving Surveys conduct with experinece reserch diver along the Rakhine Coastal Regions. The reserch team examine the health of coral colonies, looking for signs of coral bleaching, diseases, and other stressors.