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Project Information
  • Category: Community-led Locally Managed Marine Area(cl-LMMA).
  • Orgnization:MSAM,LMMA Community Ma Gyi, DOF
  • Project date: 01 December 2022 ongoing project
  • Fund by: ARCADIA, Fauna & Flora International.

Project detail

The project on establishment of Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) is a collaborative project between the local community and the Department of Fisheries, aimed at conserving the critical fish habitats and enhancing marine resources over the long term, while taking into account both scientific data and the socio-economic conditions of the local community. Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) project is intent to benefit the local and country by enhancing sustainability to restore marine resources in the area. This project is a project of Fauna & Flora International – Myanmar Programme in order to expense the establishment of Locally Managed Marine Area in Magyi, Shwe Thaung Yan Township Ayeyarwady Region. This project will be carried out in collaboration with the FFI-Myanmar Program and the local partner organization, Marine Science Association Myanmar (MSAM). Marine Science Association Myanmar (MSAM) project team conducts socio-economic surveys cooperating with Department of Fishery in Matta, Kyun Chaung, Tha Pot Kan, Thae Gyin, Polong, New Nyo Chaung, Gyin Chaung, Wetthay Villages, Shwe Thaung Yan Ward 1, Shwe Thaung Yan Ward 2 and Shwe Thaung Yan Ward 3 in Shwe Thaung Yan Township regarding as one of the most important sources of statistical data on household expenditure and income as well as other data on the status of housing, individual and household characteristics, living conditions and dependence on natural resources. During the survey trip, the survey team visited the villages where the project was planned to be implemented and had the meeting with local community including the fishermen.

The co-management plan for the LMMA (Locally Managed Marine Area) in Magyi Area is aimed at addressing the challenges facing marine resources and community fishing livelihoods. The plan involves collaborative efforts between local communities, Marine Science Association Myanmar (MSAM) by the support of Fauna & Flora International Myanmar Programme (FFI), and the Department of Fisheries (DoF) to ensure sustainable management of the LMMA area. Below is an outline of the key components of the plan.